Robert Winston: My Amazing Body Machine: A Colourful Visual Guide to How your Body Works

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A book that takes a young reader on an exciting and unique journey through all the working parts of a human body. My Amazing Body Machine dives deep inside our human bodies and into our intricately wired brain, teaching young readers about the human anatomy. With clear text, close-up photography and fascinating bite-size facts about the human body, learning biology has never been this fun. Have you ever been asked a question by your little one about their body you weren't able to respond to? This book has the answers. The human body is a fascinating machine that works in an immediate and ingenious way. My Amazing Body Machine teaches the reader about the science and biology of the body in step-by-step through easy to understand text, colourful illustrations and easy to follow dialogue boxes. Young children are always fascinated with their bodies and how they work. This engaging and appropriate book is the perfect introduction for kids to their amazing body. My Amazing Body Machine supports STEM education initiatives and makes it simple and enjoyable to understand. These STEM initiatives will engage your child and touch on subjects included in all school curriculums and the real world. An Incredible Journey Through The Most Amazing Machine You'll Ever Own - Your Body! Beautiful paper-craft illustrations reveal how the human body is made and what it does as never before. Learn about your powerful pumping heart to your amazing brain and your strong, sturdy skeleton to your teen-tiny cells. Packed with fantastic facts and easy-to-understand explanations. My Amazing Body Machine focuses on educating while engaging your young reader with interesting facts, up-close imagery and easy to understand text This interesting biology book for kids will further your understanding of: -Your body as a working machine -Your bodies framework and bone structure -Learn about the heart and blood -Look at your lungs and breathing -Learn about your body's natural defenses -How our bodies process food -And more! My Amazing Body Machine by Robert Winston is a fabulous colourful book and makes understanding the most complex machine on Earth both simple and enjoyable. Suitable and appropriate for children and young curious minds.
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223 x 276 x 18
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